Should I upgrade my mic?

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This is for you if you are

  • making audio/video calls
  • publishing audio/video content
  • presenting on Teams, Zoom or other video conferences or events

When have you recorded yourself and listened to your voice? 

Most people have poor audio-quality microphones. It does not bother them since they are not hearing the audio but it makes it hard, difficult or even impossible for the listeners to understand or have a pleasant listening experience.

If you're using a Bluetooth headset or even an external microphone, you may not sound as good as you think it sounds.

Sometimes it's the reverbs in the room, outdoor noises or you’re using the same audio source for the microphone and the speakers without isolating them from each other.

Audio comes first. The video is irrelevant If you cannot understand what people are saying.

You don’t need to become an audio engineer to get better-sounding audio. Just focusing on the basics will get you far. This short guide gives you concrete and actionable suggestions. Sometimes you don't even need to buy anything extra!

This is not for you if you have

  • a dynamic mic
  • a prosumer or pro audio interface
  • you don't care how you sound to other people
  • your budget is below 50 or above 1500 USD

What will you get?

TLDR (the one-minute summary) recommendations based on different use cases.

Audio demonstration with different microphones to compare and hear differences.

Alternatives to consider from different mic types, form factors and budget ranges.

The total length of the audio material is over 15 minutes with subtitles and it can be listened at different speeds.

You can get the guide for free if you input 0 in the price field.

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Last updated Jun 15, 2023

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Should I upgrade my mic?

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